Contact Robin Andrews

Billing Manager

P. 203-924-5500

Our billing department has been providing exemplary service for many years.  Our team is on site and available to answer any questions our patients have regarding their ambulance bill.

Our team members in the billing department participate in comprehensive compliance programs to uphold patient security, confidentiality, and accurate billing practices. The team members undergo annual compliance training, which underscores the importance of accurate billing practices and respecting patient confidentiality.

Private Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and many other insurances cover some or all of the ambulance transport bill.  In some cases, some patients may receive a bill for a small deductible.  Any correspondence sent to a patient’s home will have our company name, Echo Hose Ambulance, listed at the top of the paper.  If you should have any questions, need to provide our team with your insurance information or would like to pay a bill, please contact our billing department at 203-924-5500.

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