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Since 1949, Echo Hose Ambulance is a not for profit, emergency ambulance provider for the City of Shelton, Connecticut.   We provide pre-hospital emergency medical care and related services. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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Be Prepared for an Emergency

Having an emergency, please Dial 911. Our professional pre-hospital medical providers will respond safely and quickly to provide our patients with the utmost respect and care.

Prior to an emergency occurring, please ensure you have reflective numbers on both sides of your mailbox and on your home. Clear any brush or shrubs that may prevent your numbers from being seen from the road or driveway.

It is a good idea to have your medical information readily available for responders. Please consider completing a “File for Life” with all your medical information, medications and other important information for responders to quickly access in case there is an emergency at your home.

If an emergency occurs and your home alone, please try to get to your front door, unlock and open it for responders. Please sit down in a visible area by the front door. Turn on your front porch or driveway lights to allow responders to quickly locate your home.

Please consider getting trained in CPR, AED, First Aid and Bleeding Control.  Consider taking a course to learn how to treat some of the most common medical emergencies. Life-Saving information about Heart Attacks and Strokes can be found at  If you would like to learn more about upcoming community training opportunities, please visit the Echo Hose Ambulance Training site

In the case of predicted severe weather, please ensure you have enough food, water, medications to last a minimum of 72 hours. If you are on home oxygen, please ensure your vendor delivers additional spare oxygen bottles if necessary. For any residents with special needs, please consider exploring the possibility of having a portable home generator to help run those devices. For more information, please visit

If you think you are experiencing a medical emergency, don’t be afraid to call 911. You are not bothering responders. We are here to help and protect you and your family. We have been proudly serving the City of Shelton since 1949 and our team will always be here to provide assistance to you and your family if needed.

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I love working at Echo Hose Ambulance due to the focus on the patients we serve in the community. We try to incorporate the latest techniques and equipment into our service and work to elevate the EMS experience both for our EMTs, hospital partners, and our patients.  EHAC has a nice blend of medical and trauma calls with a high enough volume of calls to afford its personnel a varied and exciting experience on almost every shift.  The leadership at EHAC works very hard to continually refine how to better serve the greater community, their patients, and their employees.  If you want a great EMS experience working with great people, the latest equipment and great resources, you will find it at Echo Hose Ambulance.

Todd Schettini

Volunteer since 1998, Echo Hose Ambulance

Echo Hose Ambulance has made me feel welcome and needed from before I even began my precepting process.  The fulfillment I gain from serving as a volunteer goes beyond what I ever expected. EMS allows me the opportunity, not only to serve the community of Shelton, but to cultivate relationships within my corps through community outreach events, training, and education. As I continue my career with Echo Hose I look forward to finding new and exciting ways to give back to both the corps and to the community.

Robert Fattibene

Volunteer since 2012, Echo Hose Ambulance